The Speaker

The Ripple produces The Speaker, a community newspaper that is delivered to 6500 homes in the Restalrig Lochend area, celebrating success and building a sense of community locally.

It provides information on a range of issues affecting people’s lives, encourages community engagement, publicises and increases participation in a range of health and wellbeing activities, promotes volunteering opportunities and highlights the support available from local voluntary sector agencies, the NHS and others.

With all the news from the local parishes and elected councillors it aims to keep the reader informed and connected to their community.

As this reader wrote in a recent survey about the Speaker in October 2016 :

“I find out about local events, where and when. I also keep the Speaker handy in case I need assistance as it has contact details. I have been encouraged by the Speaker to join group activities and to go to hustings. I am elderly and disabled. It helps me feel part of life”

For the latest issue go to the Speaker page.